Practice yoga for ten minutes, better than sitting for an hour.

No matter what age group of people have to work around wherever they live, it is inevitable that when they are unable to work hard, they want to restore their spirit and strength. Yoga is the best choice, except for relaxing and physically and mentally. Let's practice with your companions.
        Let's play together with a beautiful body.

        No matter what age group of people have to work around wherever they live, it is inevitable that they will not be able to work hard when they are tired. When they sit down and take a break, they can ease it, but they don’t want to get up, they want to Restoring spirit and strength yoga is the best choice. In addition to relaxing your body and mind, you can practice it with your peers.

        Tip1: Simple warm-up exercise

        Tip2: Fully stretch the limbs

        Tip3: Distracting troubles and stress

        Tip4: Improve heart and lung function


        Tip1: Simple warm-up exercise

        No matter what kind of exercise, simple warm-up exercise is indispensable. Stretch the whole body to stretch the tired bones. Warm up and relax your body to ensure that you will not get hurt during the exercise.

        The elbow is straight and presses the palm of the hand against the ground. The arm is supported by the shoulder and the upper body is inverted. The waist is pulled back and lifted up, and the legs are also inverted. The legs are bent into a vacant bow step, and the legs are exchanged. .

        Use our limbs to hold the ground and bow the body into a semi-circular shape. Next, put the weight of the body on the arm to lift the buttocks, pull the legs back to the legs and parallel to the ground, and use the toes against the building on the back side of the body to complete the posture.

        Support the ground with our arms, the arm stretches the head to the ground and puts the back upside down. When the legs are raised, adjust the legs. The legs and legs cross each other and the legs are lowered. The legs are lowered to the front of the body. .


        Tip2: Fully stretch the limbs

        The classification in this category is based on the strengthening of the limbs. The time and difficulty increase the ligaments to increase the strength of the torso and the coordination of the limbs to prevent the occurrence of bone problems.

        Spread the palms of your hand, bend your elbows, hold your shoulders and shoulders parallel to your shoulders, press your fingers on the ground, your fingers are triangular, your eyes will look at your palms, your body will lift your legs upwards, and your right leg will bend your knees closer to your head. The left leg is straight up.

        Relax and lie on your back on the yoga mat, turn the palm of your hand and press it on the shoulders inward. Use your arms to support the upper body and raise your eyes to the ground. When the arms are straight, the legs are straight and straight, with the strength of the abdomen. Maintain hold time.

        It is still a variant of a wheeled movement. When the back ligament is pulled to support the body, the posture of the limbs is changed. When the weight of the body is supported by the left and right legs, the right and left legs are lifted and straightened to the same The time repeats several sets of actions.


        Tip3: Distracting troubles and stress

        In the process of exercise, we have to put our whole body on the action, and we can temporarily forget the pressure and troubles of the work. It is a quiet way of venting, and then increase our own endurance, and more careful in the work.

        Find the railing at the same height as your waist, stand about one meter in front of the railing, bend your body forward with your arms to lift your legs, and when your legs are lifted, they will reach the railing and continue to pull the hips down. The body becomes a sexy S-shaped.

        Grab the ground with our hands, the elbows against the ground, the head upside down on the ground, the knees of the legs bent, and the legs pressed backwards to strengthen the stability of the body for more than half a minute.

        The first step is prone on the yoga mat, with the elbow as the support, and the lower body of the body is supported from the back to the back. After forming the inverted three-dimensional form, the buttocks are relaxed downwards to form a curve, which relaxes the calf and keeps the body balanced. stable.


        Tip4: Improve heart and lung function

        Yoga is aerobic exercise. It is more convenient to practice than running and swimming. It enhances the endurance of the heart and lungs and the function of the heart and lung through long-term exercise. It prevents us from injuring the internal organs during long-term fatigue, consuming the body's functions and damaging the body.

        Stand your feet on the yoga mat and lean forward, use your hands as a support to support the ground, form an inverted posture, stretch your legs tightly, and lower your legs forward, at an angle of 90° to the upper body.

        Place the yoga mat next to a calf high stool, then support the ground with your palms to make the inverted shape, straighten your legs to the lower back, straighten your feet forward, use the toes to lift the stool as a support, and then keep your body stable.

        In the first step, the body is supported by the arms and inverted. After forming the inverted position, the legs are folded back to the left leg of the two sides, and finally the key step is to extend the head upward after stabilization.

        Yoga's "deficiency" is not only a relief of physical exertion, but also a soothing of the mind. Diligent yoga believes that you will become better in all aspects!


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