Half of American adults have sleep problems. Hope yoga meditation

According to a report by Reuters on February 26, more than half of adults in the United States are suffering from sleep problems. A national survey shows that these Americans usually choose to exercise physically and mentally, such as yoga and meditation, to help improve sleep quality.

Physical and mental health includes a range of health practices that combine concentration, control of breathing, and exercise to promote relaxation. Researchers in the World Journal of Sleep Medicine pointed out that these practices are an important part of many forms of complementary and integrated medicine, and previous studies have found that the improvement in sleep quality is related to this.

In the current study, the researchers analyzed data from a nationally representative health survey of 26,642 adults in 2017, of which 49% had sleep problems, and 30% of them insisted on physical and mental exercise. Yoga is the most popular exercise option. About 16% of respondents practice this sport, 14% perform mental meditation, and 8% perform mindfulness meditation.

Most of the people who take physical and mental therapy are women under the age of 30 living in the western United States, non-Hispanic whites, most of whom are highly educated and diagnosed with heart disease. Overall, about 38% of participants have difficulty guaranteeing a stable sleep, and about 35% said it is difficult to fall asleep. Even in people without sleep disorders, 1% sleep less than 4 hours, and 22% sleep only 6 hours or less.


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